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                   Custom Designed Stainless Steel Solutions For The Pharmaceutical & Bio Process Industries




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For years pharmaceutical companies have utilized stainless steel vial trays manufactured by Bosio Metal Specialties of North Wales PA. The vial trays are designed around the customers needs. Bosio was provided either a number of vials or a shrink wrapped bundle from which they custom design the vial trays.

Pictured in our standard products section You will see a “ bottomless Vial tray”.  This is an example of the vial tray being designed around the shrink wrapped bundle. This vial tray is constructed from type 316 stainless steel. In is utilized for vaccine production in the pharmaceutical industry.   In our vial section you will also see aluminum lyo tray.  These vial trays are used in the lyophilization process.  There are other trays that are used for autoclaves and for the washing of glassware.

Most of our stainless steel vial trays are fabricated from type 316 stainless steel which offers the best protection against corrosion.  The stainless steel vial trays are TIG welded for strength. The stainless steel vial trays came in a number 4 Finish which is a satin finish.

Most people assume , when they order a stainless steel cart , that it will have all stainless steel parts, fully welded construction and low particulate caster tires.  Many people however , are finding out that this is not always the case. Why buy a stainless steel cart with plated steel hinges or caster housings?  Many catalog companies save money by substituting  steel for stainless steel. Whenever they can they pop rivet parts instead of welding them together. When you order a cart from Bosio you can be assured that it will be fabricated from all stainless steel construction.  Please see our web page that has cleanroom transport carts pump carts and the enclosed transport cart, and remember that we can custom design a cart around your existing needs.  Bosio specializes in pharmaceutical cleanroom and biotechnology industry.  Custom designed stainless steel carts are our specialty.  We also have standard designed carts for autoclaves and tray washers.

Our patented designed stainless steel drum dollies are in use in vaccine production facilities around the world.  These stainless steel drum dollies are constructed from type 304 stainless steel.  Their patented design allows for a low center of gravity and stabile ride while transporting 200 liter bio process drums.  Usually we are called in too late after a spill or accident.  A lot of firms are using Rubbermaid drum dollies that are really designed for trashcans.  They retail for about $30 USD,  inexpensive until there is a spill of vaccine or media, then potentially millions of dollars can go literally down the drain. 

Another nice feature of the Bosio stainless steel drum dolly is the symmetrical base. This allows the stainless steel drum dolly to be staged in a uniform manner inside a cold vault.  This becomes especially important in planning for how much vaccine can be stored.  The stainless steel drum dolly with handles is a great way to control the dolly when pushing on to a scale.  The wheels of the drum dolly  can be autoclavable with a phenolic resin construction. Please note that custom sizes are also available for the stainless steel drum dollies.

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We get a lot of inquires here at Bosio Metal Specialties regarding stainless steel and how it is used in the bio process and pharmaceutical industry. 

We have put together a list of frequently asked Questions or FAQ : 

Q: What type of stainless steel should I choose for cleanroom gowning benches tables and cabinets that will stand up to the rigors of constant decontamination? 

A: Depending of how frequently the stainless steel cleanroom furniture will be decontaminated and what chemical is used to do the decon will determine if type 304 or type 316 stainless steel Lately many pharmaceutical and biotech firms are using Spor-Klenz®     from Steris company to decon their gowning rooms and cleanroom equipment.  If you will be using this product do decon your custom stainless steel clean room furniture then we strongly recommend using type 316 Stainless steel.  If offers more corrosion resistance to these chemicals.  If you are simply using alcohol or bleach type 304 Stainless steel will be suitable for you cleanroom benches and tables. 

Q: As an architect designing a bioprocess room with a lot of custom stainless steel fabrications, how can I assure my client that they will receive type 316 stainless steel.  I understand it is expensive and would like to offer them some reassurance that they are getting what they pay for.

A: When writing the specifications for the custom stainless steel fabrication, require that the stainless steel fabricator submits material certifications and other documents certifying the custom stainless fabrications are type 316 stainless steel.

Q: Does it matter if my stainless steel table for cleanroom use has galvanized / or steel supports under the top? Or steel hardware? 

A: YES, it is very important to have your stainless steel cleanroom tables and workstations constructed with 100% stainless steel components.  If there is steel hardware ( bolts, screws  etc.) they will rust and the rust will bleed on to the stainless steel workbench ,not something you want in a cleanroom environment. 

Q: When ordering custom stainless steel cabinets for clean room use  how can I be assured that the doors wont be flimsy ? 

A. We use the term Double pan door. Picture two “ pans face to face”.  This requires twice the amount of material.  The result is a wobble free door to you stainless steel cabinet.   

Q:  I am an engineer in a bioprocess facility where we use a lot of large sanitary hoses .  Is there are product that can accommodate a 2” 12’ long hose. 

A:  Bosio can design a custom stainless steel hose hanger for your all of your sanitary hose needs.  Take a look at our web site under sanitary hose hangers to see some of the different varieties that we offer. 

Q: Our firm is currently designing a bioprocess pilot plant for the manufacture of cell based vaccines.  We were wondering if you have any designs for centrally locating the utilities in the process room?  We were thinking of a recessed stainless steel cabinet with flush mount doors.

A: If you look on our web site we show a stainless steel utility panel that centrally locates the utilities in a process room,. There are separate recessed stainless cabinets for the compressed gasses . hose station, house vacuum, electrical connections.  Our design features a sloped interior sill. Gasketed  doors where needed.  Flush mounted frame that can be easily caulked.  

Q: I noticed you tall stainless steel storage cabinet you have listed on your web site are listed with adjustable shelves. My question is are they stainless steel and how are they adjustable? 

A: Of course they are stainless steel !  They are adjustable in 1” increments.  This is achieved by a track that is installed in the cabinet and clips that the shelves sit on. 

Q: I am writing to you about the corner guards listed on your web site.  What is a radius and a kink? 

A; if you look at our section on stainless steel corner guards you will see at the top of the corner guard it is “ rounded”  that is what’s referred to as a radius.  You will also see on the picture of the corner guard that there is a faint line , that is the kink, it is a slight bend a few degrees that allows the corner guard to hug the wall tightly.

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