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                   Custom Designed Stainless Steel Solutions For The Pharmaceutical & Bio Process Industries

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Cleanroom Gowning Bench w Shoe Storage # 005739B

Item Description Model #
Clean-room gowning bench with shoe storage 005739B

Stainless Steel Gowning Bench Model # 00000

Item Description Model #
Stainless Steel gowning Room Bench- Pedestal type. This pedestal type stainless steel gowning bench is easy to clean around and ideal for narrow cleanroom gowning airlock. 000828

Gowning Bench with Storage Model #1672

Item Description Model #
Gowning Bench w/ storage compartments 001672


Gowning Bench Model # 002373

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Item Description Model #
Gowning Bench 3' long 002995
Gowning Bench 4' long 002373
Gowning Bench 5' Long 002186
Gowning Bench , Free Standing 12 x 60 x 16" high 002119A


Item Description Model #
Gowning Room Furniture

A word on custom stainless steel gowning room furniture  

           Bosio Metal Specialties Inc. design and manufactures custom and standard stainless steel cleanroom gowning furniture and dispensers for PPE. Stainless steel dispensers for personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses , head covers, beard covers, booties, lint free garments, rubber gloves can be designed around the room dimension.  Stainless steel is the ideal material for fabricating this type of furniture.  Stainless steel has the ability to be easily wipe down and disinfected.  Stainless steel gowning furniture does not need to be painted, which makes it maintenance free.  When designing  a gowning room  or airlock space is the biggest commodity. Dispensers for safety glasses , booties frocks ,coveralls can be mounted on the walls of the cleanroom airlock.  A stainless steel mirror is also important to ensure that their cleanroom attire is on correctly. 

               Most cleanroom gowning airlocks are divided into to parts the dirty side ( entry point) and clean side.  The room is usually divided by a stainless steel gowning bench.   After donning the appropriate cleanroom attire usually a frock or coveralls, the hands are disinfected with alcohol. Seated on the gowning bench one foot in the air the bootie or shoe cover is placed on the foot , the person then swings his leg over the bench to land on the clean side of the airlock.  Then the process is repeated with the other foot as it lands on the clean side of the gowning room. 

                There are many companies that sell gowning room or airlock equipment.  Bosio actually fabricates their products and sells them direct to bio tech and pharmaceutical companies.  Over the years we have seen companies try to take the easy way and just order from a catalog only to be disappointed when the order is delayed or products do not fit into the space required.  Call Bosio and we will work with you to ensure that all of your expectations are met when designing your cleanroom gowning airlock.


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