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                   Custom Designed Stainless Steel Solutions For The Pharmaceutical & Bio Process Industries



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Tablet & Capsule Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Quality Tables.
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Hoppers & Chutes- Custom designed to allow powder to flow into Ribbon blenders, tablet presses, encapsulators.
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Bulk Solids & Liquid Manufacturing

Transport Hoppers- Transporting bulk powder or finished tablets. 
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Lids- Custom Designed to fit existing tanks or drums. Custom configured ports (Sanitary fittings) Handles, Hinges.

Hose Holders- Designed to support process hoses after cleaning maintaining their cleanliness

Bio Technology - Vaccine Manufacturing

Transfer Panels-Utilized to connect piping systems.

Vail Trays- Utilized for removing shrink wrap on vials.

Autoclavable Boxes- Designed around existing equipment 

Sterile Supply Equipment

Autoclavable carts- Utilized to transport equipment during the sterilization process. 

Sterilizer trays- ( perforated Boxes) - Designed to meet the vigor's of constant autoclaving.

Sterilize enclosures- Seal off space around Sterilizer or autoclave

Research & Development

Sterilizer Carts- Prototype Equipment one of a kind items to test theories or processes. 
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Cleanroom Products

Garment dispensers- For Safety glasses , Head covers, Bunny suits, beard covers. Disposable gloves.

Gowning Benches- Utilized when one side of room is " clean". 
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Gowning garment Storage - Large sloped top cabinets store supplies for the gowning procedure.

Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets.
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Stainless Steel Transport Carts
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Modification Of Existing Equipment

When the original manufacturer is no longer available or located far away Equipment that is not available in stainless steel, we duplicate painted, plastic, or wood to stainless steel.

Facilities Management- New Facility Ideas

Utility Stations- Designed to centrally locate utilities in manufacturing area. Compressed gasses , steam lines, equipment logs, vacuum lines, electricity etc. Designed to your exact specifications.
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Access Panels - Provides access to pipes or valves

Countertops / Sinks- When " standard counter tops" cannot be used due to size availability let BOSIO design a custom configured counter top /sink to fit your existing dimensions and or requirements

Forman Desk- Available in stand up and wall mount and fabricated with stainless steel.

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