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                   Custom Designed Stainless Steel Solutions For The Pharmaceutical & Bio Process Industries

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Bosio Metal Specialties Inc. 

Has been designing and fabricating stainless steel products since 1924 and specializing in the pharmaceutical industry since 1969. During this time we have acquired an intimate knowledge of this distinctive industry. GMP standards come second nature to us. We understand the importance of cleanability aesthetics and safety. 


Our products are designed with the foresight of stringent validation requirements. We know that our products will be tested to insure their ability to be cleaned and when required sterilized. Therefore all welds a grounded smooth with no pitting. Complete elimination of sharp burrs or edges. Our products are designed to have no potential crevices where bacterial or product can reside.


Stainless Steel's properties of durability, corrosion resistance and ability to be cleaned make it the preferred material for equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. As a compliment when polished correctly it can sparkle like a jewel. From the Satin #4 finish to a high gloss #8 finish with proper care Stainless steel will give you years of service.


During the design stages we look ahead to potential safety concerns and address them on the drawing board. Above all we know that people will be using our products. We incorporate rounded corners, eliminate pinch points and always ask " what if ". Shop drawings are always provided prior to fabrication for review.

Bosio Metal Specialties Home Office

Our State Of The Art Facility Located In North Wales Pennsylvania Specializes In Custom Manufactured Stainless Steel Products For The Pharmaceutical Industry.






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