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                   Custom Designed Stainless Steel Solutions For The Pharmaceutical & Bio Process Industries

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Transport Carts


Cryogenic Transport Cart # 005350

Enclosed locking transport cart Model # 005490

Cleanroom utility cart Model # 005386

Item Description Model #
Stainless steel cleanroom utility cart. This cart was designed to hold a plastic bag roll and other cleaning supplies that are utilized in cleanroom environments. 005386

stainless steel autoclave cart Model # 005284

Item Description
Model #
Stainless steel filter setup autoclave cart. This cart was designed to have filter set up sterilized in the proper configuration. The all stainless steel construction will provide many years of service.

Stainless steel autoclave transfer cart Model # 00000

Item Description Model #
Stainless steel autoclave transfer cart 005310

Wash Down Cart Model #005


Item Description Model #
Wash Down Cart.  All Stainless Construction.  Teflon rollers to ease loading of heavy grating. 005


Enclosed Transport Cart Model #003141-4105

Item Description Model #
All stainless steel construction 21" wide x 32 " long x 34" high 003141-4105


Heavy Duty Clean Room Transport Cart Model #004228

Item Description Model #
All stainless steel construction 24" wide x 36 " long x 34" high 004228


Pump Cart Model Number 004194

Item Description Model #
Heavy Duty Cart swivel locking casters, cord wrap. pump not included 004194


Bakers Cart Model Number 004275

Item Description Model #
Bakers Cart 004275


Stainless Steel Vial Tray Cart  Number 002067

Item Description Model #
Stainless Steel Vial Tray Cart 002067


Funnel Cart

Item Description Model #
Funnel Cart 005336

This stainless steel lyo truck is used in conjunction with Bosio ‘s lyo tray.  This stainless steel cart is used to transport vaccine before  during and after lyophilization.  These stainless steel carts can be designed around  a vaccine manufacturer’s needs.  If they currently have lyo trays we can build the cart around those dimensions.  These stainless steel carts are TIG welded construction for years of use.  They are fabricated with GMP standards for the pharmaceutical industry. Meaning they have no places that bacteria can grow or crevices that may result in cross contamination. 

                At first glance these stainless steel tray carts look like bakers carts but careful calculations were used to ensure that the correct number of vials are on each cart. When ordering stainless steel lyo carts one must calculate how many stainless steel vial trays are needed for each cart. This will determine the dimensions of the stainless steel lyo cart. 


Vial Trays 

For years pharmaceutical companies have utilized stainless steel vial trays manufactured by Bosio Metal Specialties of North Wales PA. The vial trays are designed around the customers needs. Bosio was provided either a number of vials or a shrink wrapped bundle from which they custom design the vial trays.

Pictured in our standard products section You will see a “ bottomless Vial tray”.  This is an example of the vial tray being designed around the shrink wrapped bundle. This vial tray is constructed from type 316 stainless steel. In is utilized for vaccine production in the pharmaceutical industry.   In our vial section you will also see aluminum lyo tray.  These vial trays are used in the lyophilization process.  There are other trays that are used for autoclaves and for the washing of glassware.

Most of our stainless steel vial trays are fabricated from type 316 stainless steel which offers the best protection against corrosion.  The stainless steel vial trays are TIG welded for strength. The stainless steel vial trays came in a number 4 Finish which is a satin finish.



Most people assume , when they order a stainless steel cart , that it will have all stainless steel parts, fully welded construction and low particulate caster tires.  Many people however , are finding out that this is not always the case. Why buy a stainless steel cart with plated steel hinges or caster housings?  Many catalog companies save money by substituting  steel for stainless steel. Whenever they can they pop rivet parts instead of welding them together. When you order a cart from Bosio you can be assured that it will be fabricated from all stainless steel construction.  Please see our web page that has cleanroom transport carts pump carts and the enclosed transport cart, and remember that we can custom design a cart around your existing needs.  Bosio specializes in pharmaceutical cleanroom and biotechnology industry.  Custom designed stainless steel carts are our specialty.  We also have standard designed carts for autoclaves and tray washers.



Our patented designed stainless steel drum dollies are in use in vaccine production facilities around the world.  These stainless steel drum dollies are constructed from type 304 stainless steel.  Their patented design allows for a low center of gravity and stabile ride while transporting 200 liter bio process drums.  Usually we are called in too late after a spill or accident.  A lot of firms are using Rubbermaid drum dollies that are really designed for trashcans.  They retail for about $30 USD,  inexpensive until there is a spill of vaccine or media, then potentially millions of dollars can go literally down the drain. 

Another nice feature of the Bosio stainless steel drum dolly is the symmetrical base. This allows the stainless steel drum dolly to be staged in a uniform manner inside a cold vault.  This becomes especially important in planning for how much vaccine can be stored.  The stainless steel drum dolly with handles is a great way to control the dolly when pushing on to a scale.  The wheels of the drum dolly  can be autoclavable with a phenolic resin construction. Please note that custom sizes are also available for the stainless steel drum dollies.

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